The Homebody story 





Homebody blossomed from the experience Madeline and Eli had owning their own salon Earth to Betty in Melbourne. After witnessing clients begin to create their own products at home, particularly during the pandemic, they noticed there was a lack of quality organic ingredients & recipes to make them. 

Their love for natural ingredients began from an early age, with Eli growing up on an island in the Philippines & Madeline on a rural property in the outskirts of Melbourne. The couple drew experience from making their own products from scratch from their mums.

"Our mums come from different countries, different cultural backgrounds, but both taught us to be resourceful & always drew ingredients from their land to use in hair, skin care & home cleaning products" - Madeline

Making something out of nothing was always something that resonated strongly in their homes.

Homebody was created to celebrate the divine right we have to choosing what goes onto our bodies and into our homes.